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53. Planting stories in the memory

Robert began his teaching career in Derby, where he eventually bought a two-bedroomed house. He sold it to pay his fees when he went to study theology. The four years spent in Derby were very significant for him not only as a teacher but as a fairly new Christian becoming part of a mission-focussed church.Continue reading “53. Planting stories in the memory”

51. Sudden death comes in many disguises

This has been a sad week. Two pieces of sad news. News of two sudden deaths. I’ve just heard that a few weeks ago someone I knew from a previous church had taken her own life. I had not been in contact for some time. She was a gifted poet who loved to use wordsContinue reading “51. Sudden death comes in many disguises”

26. The greatest banquet ever

Whenever I receive Holy Communion (and these days I usually do so with tears in my eyes), I’m reminded of the great banquet at the end of time. I also know that as we participate in this eucharistic feast, we are joining with all the saints. I feel close to Christ at this point. IContinue reading “26. The greatest banquet ever”

5. “No one’s ever come back from the dead!”

Soon after Robert’s death I met up with a friend who’s known Robert since his youth. Of course, we talked about him. I explained where both Robert and I would expect him to be now that he’d died – outside of time, in the eternal presence of Christ and probably with a new resurrection body.Continue reading “5. “No one’s ever come back from the dead!””