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75. Shelter under God’s almighty wing

I have just been on holiday to Cornwall. We stayed within five minutes of the sea and woke to the smell of fish and seaweed. One morning we walked up the steep side of the bay which gave us a magnificent bird’s eye view of the fishing fleet in the harbour. Immediately below us wasContinue reading “75. Shelter under God’s almighty wing”

73. Joy and sorrow at a wedding– two sides of one coin

Next week the daughter of a friend of mine is getting married. It has been planned for many months, affected by Covid limitations. But this wedding has been affected by something far more significant than Covid. The bride’s father, my friend’s husband, died suddenly at the end of last year. This wedding, which was plannedContinue reading “73. Joy and sorrow at a wedding– two sides of one coin”

72. Pentecost’s inextinguishable blaze

Yesterday I shared holy communion with an elderly couple in their home – always a particularly joyous time for us all. Because of Lockdown they have hardly been out of their house for months. Every other week they recharge the batteries of their mobility scooters parked in the shed – a symbolic act. They wantContinue reading “72. Pentecost’s inextinguishable blaze”

67. All a matter of time

My three-year-old grandson cannot tell the time and doesn’t comprehend it. These days it is more complicated because only analog clocks visually show the passing of time. Digital ones don’t.     “When is it bed-time?” he asks in the middle of the morning – not because he is tired, but probably because he wants to goContinue reading “67. All a matter of time”


This last week saw another terrible Lockdown milestone – over 100,000 deaths in the UK from Covid-related illness, around one third of which were in care homes. The Prime Minister hung his head in sorrow. The faces of those who had died were on view everywhere emphasising the enormity of this number, photos of theContinue reading “65.100,000+”

63. Caught in a crowd

Some years ago, on New Year’s Eve, Robert and I went down to Big Ben to join the celebrations in London. I have been in large crowds where you shuffle forward with your eyes fixed on the back of the person in front. Or I’ve stood behind tall people, moving my head in the oppositeContinue reading “63. Caught in a crowd”

59. No longer able to say, “Guess what…!”

Robert and I loved the works of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, 1632-1675. He only painted between 35-40 paintings, one of the best-known being Girl with a pearl earring (c1665). We went to Amsterdam and Delft to celebrate our 50th birthdays with the express intention of seeing Vermeer’s works there. One of the pleasures ofContinue reading “59. No longer able to say, “Guess what…!””

58. Tim Keller’s greatest fear

Over the last months I have been following the news of Tim Keller, the well-known church leader and prolific author. For decades he has written books  ranging over many subjects but always coming back to the character of God who has made himself known in Jesus Christ. Trusting in him affects every corner of ourContinue reading “58. Tim Keller’s greatest fear”

47. Jesus’ body – God’s gift to the world

Eight months into 2020 and two more grandchildren have joined the family. I’m fascinated and overawed with the wonder of new babies! I love the way they are all curled up then begin to unfurl arms and legs, stretching as far as they can, no longer womb-restricted. The world is there to be explored! IContinue reading “47. Jesus’ body – God’s gift to the world”

46. We can never know anyone 100%

  This week I’ve slimmed down Robert’s files and papers. He had no time to spring clean his personal filing systems or possessions. If he hadn’t died suddenly, I’d have wanted to ask questions about what he had collected or comments he’d made in articles or lectures. “Who gave you this bowl/candlestick/book?”                                                       “Have you changedContinue reading “46. We can never know anyone 100%”