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76. Shakshouka that explodes

Several years ago I discovered the delicious North African dish, Shakshouka. I’ve been making it ever since. Lunchtime yesterday I ordered it at a restaurant.  The very first mouthful was deliciously explosive – not to damage me, but I was stunned by the level of garlic, sweet chillies and fresh tomatoes. I can’t remember theContinue reading “76. Shakshouka that explodes”

68. Remembering acts of kindness

The local Christian Schools Trust ran a communion service at the start of each academic year for Christian staff and parents at the schools our children attended. One year Robert was asked to be the speaker. The service was set to be held a few days after 9/11. “What shall I speak on?” Robert asked.Continue reading “68. Remembering acts of kindness”

60. Speak the name

Today is the First Sunday after Christmas. It is also the Feast Day of John, Apostle and Evangelist. He was one of Jesus’ closest friends and probably wrote John’s gospel and three letters in the Bible. So, in this morning’s service we celebrated his life. Throughout the sermon, which focussed on John, I had aContinue reading “60. Speak the name”

55. Are birthdays celebrated in eternity?

Today is Robert’s birthday. The children and I had a picnic together in my son’s short lunch break – two households, socially distancing. It happened to be in a cemetery, but that is only because it is the nearest green space to where he is working. We ate food that Robert liked, we talked aboutContinue reading “55. Are birthdays celebrated in eternity?”

44. Puzzling over the death of my parents

This week is the anniversary of my parents’ death – 20 years ago my father, 9 years my mother. This week for the first time I have not only thought about them, but been seriously puzzled. My dad had a stroke in 1994. After intensive physiotherapy he returned home with some limitations, but actively mobile.Continue reading “44. Puzzling over the death of my parents”

26. The greatest banquet ever

Whenever I receive Holy Communion (and these days I usually do so with tears in my eyes), I’m reminded of the great banquet at the end of time. I also know that as we participate in this eucharistic feast, we are joining with all the saints. I feel close to Christ at this point. IContinue reading “26. The greatest banquet ever”